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Faves are Hetalia, Free!, SNK, Homestuck, KnK, Pokemon, Sonic, DmmD, and Persona 4. I also write weird fanfiction.Drop in and say hi? eue

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mano's personal I figure I gotta start somewhere! Maybe if I did a unit every few days and reviewed it a bunch that could help whoop gotta go to class now bye!

to all the lovely people who responded to my post about learning german:  I will do my best to do all the duolingo lessons then work from there!  thanks eue

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free! free! eternal summer spoilers rinharu ugh i cannot right now with all my babies suffering
“I’m calling out your name; I’m fading
So save me from what I’ve become”

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the worst thing about being shy and introverted is that you most of the time come off as cold and arrogant like you think you’re better than everyone else and thats why you don’t talk to people or hang out with them but it’s really the opposite its like you’re so uncomfortable with yourself that you don’t wanna share it with anyone else so you just dont and people think you’re an asshole but you’re actually just really scared

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snk yeah um mostly sad.


these were supposed to be funny but they’re actually just sad

part 1/2

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free! free! eternal summer spoilers makoharu my babies ;;;

It looks like he’s still running away, as always.

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Artist: YA BOY REN
Track: "OWBA"




You guys remember the post about somebody putting in Virus’s and Trip’s Intro into the wub machine?

While I was at post limit I decided to throw Ren saying “Aoba” in there…aND THIS SHIT HAPPEND OMG WTF

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mano's personal alcohol mention i guess but wa;lskdfasd

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fritznugget replied to your post: “i want to learn german, but i’m not sure how atm there are definitely…”:
pst, there’s an app you can learn languages from.

you should link meeeeee?  or tell me the name or something!  any headstart is a good start.  eue

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Mallory Ortberg has a voice like an old movie actress. (“Male Novelist Jokes” at the Last Bookstore in LA)

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that Mallory Ortberg is one of the funniest writers alive, and a wonderful entertainer.