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Faves are Hetalia, Free!, SNK, Homestuck, BBC Sherlock, KnK, Madoka, DmmD, and Persona 4. I also write weird fanfiction.

Drop in and say hi? eue

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people saying negative things about a character you love that aren’t even constructive criticisms of their character or valid points and are just pointlessly and immaturely rude


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a very intimidating middle class family is staring me down in panera bread because i put mac and cheese on my baguette

update: i told them that staring is rude and that i would eat anything on this baguette including their small child

you are everything i aspire to be

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shoes fashion i wanna be a dainty lil girl and wear cute shoes dammit

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heart want


These lockets are anatomically correct. The locket is held shut by the trunk of the aorta, which acts as a snap. The chain attaches to the pendant through the superior vena cava and left pulmonary vein, causing the heart to hang slightly anterioinferiorly, just like our hearts!

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I didn’t like this dog at first but now she’s growing on me.


yes good, i will drive across the state to meet your dog now, see you in 4 hrs

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aph prussia

Pixiv ID: 38222634Member: 吉見


Pixiv ID: 38222634
Member: 吉見
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tumblr is doing that thing where it unfollows people without my permission

b/c i definitely did not unfollow jessi and i haven’t been on her blog on mobile recently

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to help fund otakon shit and so that i can visit my MD friends since i kinda moved away :(
glow in the dark jellyfish

thinking about selling these as earrings in a wide range of colours, probs by request?

glow in the dark jellyfish

thinking about selling these as earrings in a wide range of colours, probs by request?

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So, I’ll know by next thurs if i got the job

apparently there are a lot of other people interviewing too and i didn’t even get a chance to say much about myself during the process itself so

i don’t think i have much of a chance

still, fingers crossed

gonna make some lil jellyfish now eue

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quick let's make this about gerita


i see a lot of people spending time thinking about “who tops” in their otp when they should be thinking about