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Faves are Hetalia, Free!, SNK, Homestuck, BBC Sherlock, KnK, Madoka, DmmD, and Persona 4. I also write weird fanfiction.

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lolita fashion omg i love these



Dear Celine New Arrivals



Still fucking dying over those waistcoats

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dmmd sorry [ren voice] Aoba


Cute sleeping Aoba~

somewhere close, there is a koujaku koujacking off

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I have ALWAYS wondered that

you know how when you used to record stuff on your vcr it would do the thing where it automatically fast-forwarded the commercials behind a blue screen?

how did it kNOW??

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Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.
—Joanne Harris (via a-thousand-words)
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snk jeanmarco yes good perfect
Anonymous sent: AU where Marco and Jean constantly have super cute sleepovers and Marco always does Jean's hair up real cute and Jean steals his sister's makeup and smooshes it on Marco's face. Then they make out for hours and order pizza.


oh my gooooosh that’s so cute and funny

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i need more aus

tbh jeanmarco gives me life

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aph hetalia tomato family and francis

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this was a cute movie Epic lOVED those two especially the queen

Parade. Fun. Smiling.

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tomorrow will be tutoring and another lab meeting but hopefully I can visit a few more places to see if they're hiring

still no job but at least I have barbecue chips

and saturday is citywide garage sale day

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forgetting to save before a boss battle but end up beating them first try